Bio for Gregg A. Eldridge

Gregg Eldridge prepared himself for a career in the construction industry by supplementing his high school studies with courses at the Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES). These courses included: drafting, the operation of bulldozers, backhoes, and other heavy equipment along with an extensive course in tractor-trailer driving. So it was no surprise that when he graduated from high school in 1983 he immediately went to work for John Payne.

Except for short stints, with another construction company, the Village of Afton, and delivering fuel oil during off-season work shortages, Gregg has remained with one or another of Mr. Payne’s companies up to the present. In the beginning his primary assignments involved the operation of heavy equipment used in excavation work. However, he became interested in crane operation early in his career so he took advantage of his heavy equipment experience and became a licensed crane operator for Payne’s Cranes, Inc..  Since he was also extremely interested in the day-to-day operation of the business and was heavily involved in the bid process, resource allocation, and credit collection he constantly took on more and more responsibility. This interest and dedication resulted in his being promoted to Vice President in 1997. In recognition of his business success and his involvement in the local community, BOCES inducted him into their Hall of Fame (a roster of successful graduates of the various BOCES programs) in 1999.

When you do business with Payne’s Cranes, Inc. you will no doubt interface with Gregg at some point in the process. He may be the person who provides you with the quote for your job, he may be the crane operator who takes care of your needs, he may schedule and supervise the work you require, and he may do all or none of these things, but, for sure, he will be involved.

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